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Description: Frankenweenie follows a young boy whose dog is hit by a car. After learning about the effects of electricity in science he uses it to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life. When his secret is discovered he will have to try and convince his parents as well as the town's people that Sparky is not the monster that he appears to be. Fans will be happy to know that this is a welcomed return to form for the Tim Burton we all loved. The film is beautifully creepy in both visual and story. Fans of the original classic will be happy to know that while they obviously expand and change the story up a bit, they still manage to include just about every aspect of the original in this new format. The voice acting is well done, with the real scene stealer being Martin Landau as a science teacher with a strong resemblance to the late great Vincent Price. It is an amazing visual experience on top of a clever execution of storytelling of the tale of Frankenstein. There are some truly strange and fun characters that have Tim Burton's imagination all over them and create a world like only he can. Of the stop motion films he has been involved with previously, this is easily the best one as a whole delivering one of the most unique experiences in some time for both Burton's work and just something different in theaters. There are some aspects in the middle of the film that some might find a bit slow, but in a way that seems more necessary than not. The 3D works really well when utilized, but for the most part didn't seem like there was any focus on using it much at all.
Starring: Winona Ryder, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short | See full cast and crew
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Countries: USA
Director: Tim Burton
Release Date: September 20, 2012
Runtime: 87 min
IMDb Rating: Frankenweenie (2012) on IMDb

3.84/5 - (1159 Votes)

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Replies To Frankenweenie 2012

panda_lover | 2 years ago

This is a great and cute family movie! Tim Burton's movies are always heartwarming! 5/5

wayney85 | 2 years ago

it was a good film 3.5/5

foreverfenix | 2 years ago

My grandson of 5 has seen this movie many times and we sat tonight watching it as i was amazed with how well done and interesting this movie was,5/5

KM1596 | 2 years ago

HOW ON EARTH DO YOU PEOPLE LIKE THIS MOVIE? IT WAS SOOOOO AWFUL! Honestly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

marksmanbbs | 2 years ago

My grandson of 5 has seen this movie many times and we sat tonight watching it as i was amazed with how well done and interesting this movie was,5/5

jg006 | 2 years ago

Well worth watching, in the realm of Paranorman, very good.

StealthyVex | 2 years ago

Didn't enjoy this one as much as Paranorman, but it's still a pretty fun animated flick. LOVE the fact that it's stop=motion and not CG. Has your expected kid-style stuff going on, but with a little peppered, adultish humor to keep us all watching. Voices were top notch. 7.5/10

Kali010 | 2 years ago

Cute! Classic Burton, what else is there to say? 7/10

TheAnnie15 | 2 years ago

Fun yet Mysterious..My kind of movie 9/10

TheAnnie15 | 2 years ago

Fun yet Misterious. My kind of Movie 9/10

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