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Description: A nurse apprentice, who had a bad day at work, meets a computer programmer at a car garage. The man is urged to go somewhere, but his car is not ready yet, so the nurse offers him a ride. Before leaving the man, they pick up the nurse's baby nephew. Once on the street, they almost run over a young man. Not knowing if he is hurt, they pick up the man too. But the worst luck begins when the car brakes break down.
Starring: Alec Murdock, Andrew Wasser, Bill Dunnam, Bob Pepper, Brian Hooks, Brian Reddy, Christopher Kriesa, David Ursin, EJ Callahan, Elizabeth Dennehy, Glenn Morshower, John McCann, Judge Reinhold, Ketty Lester, Leon, Maree Cheatham, Michael Potter, Monique Edwards, Nina Siemaszko, Pat Millicano, Paul Eiding, Rick Hurst, Tia Texada | See full cast and crew
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller
Countries: USA
Director: Jack Sholder
Release Date: January 21, 1997
Runtime: 90 mins
IMDb Rating: Runaway Car (1997) on IMDb
Runaway Car

2.33/5 - (3 Votes)

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